Apps That Pay You!!!




I hope you guys will use all the bonus codes provided and other invitational codes which help you and me. Thanks in advance. Before in the past years you could get many apps like Gigwalk, Pepsi Loot, Shopkick and etc.

There are still a few left. You also must have iOS 3 or higher to operate most of these apps. So lets start the list of apps. I will start with my favorite one.




  1. App Trailers – Bonus Code: “money2013” Add bonus code where it says bonus code in the earn section. This app lets you watch app trailers, basically like app advertisements. For each video you get a certain amount of points. Every 10 points is one cent. After you get 150 points or more you can get the points transferred to your PayPal account. You can also gamble your points for more points. After you get a lot of points you can redeem for $20 or more gift cards. Also you get more points to download the app in the advertisement. So that one is the best.




  1. App Nana – Bonus Code: “f45318813” Add bonus code when prompted. You will get more Nanas if you enter my code. This app gives you nanas which are like points. You earn them simply by opening the app everyday. Then after you get a lot of points you redeem them to get an amazon gift card or iTunes gift card.



  1. NPolls – No bonus code. This app is a very fun app. You get money for answering for answering polls. After you answer 50 polls you will get $10. Although it might take a while its worth it. There might not be a poll every day.

  1. JunoWallet – Bonus Code: “XX348371” Enter code when prompted Download here: This app pays you to download apps. After you get $10 you can redeem for a gift card. It is an easy app to use also you get points to like the organization on facebook.



  1. Bamboo - Bonus Code: “XX348371” Enter code when prompted. Basically the same thing as Juno Wallet. You can get this app from Juno Wallet so if you do that you can get money.